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This Membership Agreement is a binding agreement between you, the member, and
This agreement is in the best interests of creating a safe and productive marketing environment for our members.

Acceptance of membership and/or a subscription for services implies consent to this agreement, future updates, alterations or changes to this agreement.

Disclaimers (Article 1.1 - 1.5)
1.1 - is not responsible for content on member's sites; this includes, but is not limited to, income claims. You join any program or business at your own risk.
1.2 -, by offering advertising services for members sites, does not imply endorsement of member's websites, and advises research of opportunities before patronizing them.
1.3 - does not warrant that the website and service will be error free or uninterrupted. This website and service is offered on an "AS IS" basis without warranties of any kind.
1.4 - will NOT be responsible for any losses, damages or costs that you and/or your business may incure due to, or associated with, the use of our service. You expressly agree that use of the website or service is at your own risk. Neither nor its service providers, or administration shall have any liability for any damages incurred by you or any other party or third party as a result of the use or misuse of the service.
1.5 - SPAM and Unsolicited Commercial Email will not be tolerated in any way. Formal complaints of SPAM/UCE are taken very seriously. SPAM/UCE complaints against you will result in loss of your account, without recourse on your part. Legal action will be pursued by for any loss or damages incurred due to SPAM/UCE complaints against you. Communications (Article 2.1)
2.1 - As a member, you agree to receive discount offers, promotions and information updates from to the email address on record, as well as occasional promotional emails from the member that referred you. However, this does NOT give you the right to email for any reason other than business such as support requests or other questions regarding our service. You may NOT publish any eTraffic Freedom email address in any public location such as a forum or blog.

Payment Policy (Article 3.1 - 3.3)
3.1 - You are solely responsible for the maintenance, payment, and cancellations of any subscription(s) to created by you. As this is a virtual service, eTraffic Freedom will not issue refunds where services have been used, or when payment has been made via authorized subscription payment through your payment processor.

3.2 - Purchases via any funding source may take up to 24-48 hours to clear, and will not be fully processed until such funds have been processed by

3.3 - In the event of a failed payment request for membership fees, or a subscription canellation, any related accounts and subscriptions will be immediately down graded to "Free" status, without recourse on your part. shall not be held responsible for services and/or fees lost due to subscription payment failure or cancellation.

Site Rules (Article 4.1 - 4.14)
4.1- Your site must NOT close or break the surf frame
4.2- Your site must NOT contain any pornographic or other "adult" oriented, racist, hate or discriminatory, content of any kind.
4.3- Your site must NOT contain any illegal material such as pirated software (warez sites), pyramid schemes etc.
4.4- Your site must NOT link to any of the material described above and MUST be family acceptable.
4.5- Your site must NOT contain any viruses or link to files infected by a virus, prompt users to download, or attempt to upload files.
4.6- Your site must NOT be a traffic exchange surf page, but referral urls are allowed
4.7- Your site must NOT contain prompts, alerts, fly-in, pop-up/under windows, or anything else that halts surfing and must be closed before surfing can continue.
4.8- Your site must NOT prompt the user to set their homepage to that website or other URL
4.9- Your site must NOT load banned sites in iframes
4.10- Your site must NOT solicit donations unless specifically approved in writing by
4.11- Your site must NOT be a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program), paid autosurf, or promote same.
4.12- Your site must be written primarily in English (at least 75%)
4.13- Your site may be removed for reasons not listed above if it negatively affects surfing rotation or offends other members within reason.
4.14- Your site MUST be Marketing / Business / Opportunity oriented (online OR offline). i.e. - blogs and home made pages are highly scrutinized.
4.15- Your site is allowed to load ONE pop-up OR pop-under as long as it meets the following criteria:

4.15.1) The pop-up/pop-under must provide a way to easily close it and NOT be a full page.
4.15.2) The pop-up/pop-under must NOT give rise to any other pop-ups, pop-unders, etc. as it is closed
4.15.3) The pop-up/pop-under must meet all the same criteria as your main site
4.15.4) The pop-up/pop-under must not interfere with surfing progress ( stops the member from clicking through )

NOTE: If your website is in violation of ANY of the above Site Rules, your site will be suspended without notice. For repeat offenses, your account could be permanently deleted without notice and you will lose all credits / commissions / downlines on that account.

Account Rules (Article 5.1 - 5.12)
5.1 - You may only have ONE account per person.
5.2 - Deleting your account only to re-join again in an effort to change your sponsor/referrer/upline is not allowed. Asking members to delete their account and re-join under you is not allowed. However, under exceptional circumstances, such as a major problem with your sponsor, a change MAY be considered if you present your reasons for the change to us in writing.
5.3 - During contests or any other downline building activity, the purchasing of, or giving financial incentive to, referrals is strictly forbidden unless previously authorized by or offered by eTraffic Freedom Admin.
5.4 - You MUST have a valid email address">Web based email addresses are not recommended.
5.5 - Your email must NOT have any autoresponders or auto-replies
5.6 - Your email must NOT bounce -- if it does your account is subject to immediate removal
5.7 - Your email must NOT filter out emails from -- you must "white list" the domain
5.8 - You must NOT add any email address to any mailing list
5.9 - You must NOT share your login information with anyone
5.10 - You may NOT use any means of automatic surfing.
5.11 - You MUST surf at least once every 3 months. Failure to log in for over a period of one year may lead to account deletion and loss of all credits, downlines and/or commissions stored within your account.
5.12 - Cash Outs and Prizes Eligibility:

a. You must have a valid first and last name entered in your Profile (U.S. Govt. Regulations)
b. You must have a valid website, banner, and text ad into rotation. (NOT Suspended or Banned)
c. Inactivity over 90 days will lose their commissions balance
d. Your Paypal/Payza address must be in your profile
e. Must have the minimum cashout amount in your balance
f. Anyone who is not eligible for cash outs may use their commissions to make purchases on the site

NOTE: If you violate ANY of the above Account Rules, your account may be suspended without notice. For repeat offenses, your account will be permanently deleted without notice and you will lose all credits and commissions in that account.

Activity Policy (Article 6.1)
For free members, your account will be set as inactive after 60 days of not logging in. After another 60 days, credits and impressions that are not assigned may be lost. Upgrading or surfing within 60 days of inactive staus will prevent loss in credits. Accounts older than 60 days inactive will be "deactivated". You may "reactivate" your account at anytime by logging in again. For upgraded members, this does not apply so long as your account remains upgraded. If upgraded status expires, or is cancelled, the above policy shall be in effect after 30 days.

Only one account per household - exceptions can be made, but must be approved by the site owner in advance.

Compliance of Policies (Article 6.1)
If you fail to follow any of the rules listed above, your account may be suspended. All violations will be responded to by and email from admin. Repeat violations after a warning will result in account removal. All credits, impressions, or commissions of any kind could be lost. Your banners and urls will be removed, and your downline will be lost with no recourse.

Right to Changes (Article 7.1) reserves the right to change any of these rules at any time, with or without notification, at our discretion.

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