eTrafficFreedom FAQs

What is a traffic exchange?

Traffic exchanges are online services where web site owners trade traffic.
Other members of eTrafficFreedom will view your web site when you visit the
sites of other members.

How Do I Receive Hits?

You earn credits various ways. By surfing and viewing other member's pages is the main way. You will also earn credits for referring, by winning bonuses while surfing, answering surf questions, and by taking part in contests.

Who can join eTraffic Freedom ?

Anyone can. Please refer to the "Terms of use" for guidelines. If you have a website to promote, then we can help. Why not start by joining as a free member, and see how we can help you.

Can I have more than one account ?

No you cannot. We use various methods of tracking member's accounts, so if you have more than one account, Your account will be immediately suspended pending review. Signing up under yourself to obtain additional credits and cash is considered theft. You will lose all accounts, all credits, and downlines.

How many websites can I have on eTraffic Freedom ?

This depends on your membership level. Free members can have 5, Silver members can have 150, Gold members can have 15, and Platinum members, 20..

What kind of websites do you allow? (do you allow adult content?)

NO ADULT CONTENT. NO HATE, NO WAREZ, NOTHING ILLEGAL, NOTHING ILLICIT, NOTHING IMMORAL, NO FRAME BUSTERS. We also do not allow PAID TO PROMOTE SITES. We're here to promote legitimate websites only. Typically our members promote online businesses, businesses tools and business events. For a more complete breakdown of acceptable sites, please see our Terms Of Service.

Do you allow the use of languages other than English ?

A page must not use less than 90% English otherwise it may be paused or removed from the system.

What size of banner is acceptable ?

Standard 468 x 60 banners and 125 x 125 banners are allowed.

Can I have the contact info of my downline ?

Certainly not ! We take our member's privacy very seriously, and under NO circumstance is that information EVER shared with anyone.

How do I get Paid?

We pay out commissions automatically on the 15th and the 30th of each month. You must have $10.00 minimum to be eligible for a cash out - AND- you must have a valid website in rotation with credits assigned to it. We use both Paypal and Payza (Alert Pay). Please keep in mind that Payza requests may take longer because of the difficulty of getting funds into Payza. NOTE: Members who do not have a valid website in rotation with credits assigned are NOT eligible for prizes or cashouts.  Members must also have a valid first and last name listed in their profile to get paid out.  

How do I reach Admin ?

You may contact the site admin by :

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