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Why aren't my credits adding up?


There could be a number of things involved if you aren't receiving credits when you surf.

1.  What browser are you using?  (The Opera browser does not work well with LFMTE).  Try a different browser.

2.  You might need to clear your cache and cookies.  Sometimes our computers get bogged down with all the temporary files.  When you clear your cache and cookies, this usually helps.

3.  What surfbar are you using?  If your computer is an older model, you want want to use the Classic Surfbar.  To change your surf settings, go to >Surf and then at the top of the page you will see a link that says:  Surf Settings.  Click on this link and select the Classic Surfbar.

4.  What percentage do you have Auto-Assigned to your sites?  If you have 100% auto-assigned to your sites, this means that every credit you earn surfing will go directly to those sites.  

If none of these suggestions help, please submit a support ticket

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